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Our Beginnings

With humble beginnings in 1968, we have persevered through the years to become a formidable name in the tire market through our effective service and the quality of products we have provided. Starting off with just 3 employees back in the day, we now have 4 regional managers and multiple warehouses to take care of the needs of our customers across Pakistan.

Our dedicated teams make sure each account is taken care of and provided with special attention as well as make the process of warranty claims as smooth as possible with adept persons looking at their case.

Commitment of the CEO, Mr. Tariq Shafi

Lords Impex is committed to supplying tires across Pakistan without compromising on quality. This means that we want to deliver tires which are safe, compliant and preferred on the surfaces they will be used on.

We want to foster a mind-set with the objective of supplying tires which are safe, tested on surfaces they are intended for and have zero defects.

Meeting our commitment

We ensure that all tires distributed by Lords Impex are complying with the relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements. We consistently try to improve the quality management systems to guarantee product safety, prevent road accidents occurring from faulty tires, and meet or exceed customer needs and expectations.

Our employees are appropriately skilled, trained and educated to maintain our quality standards and can remove faulty or defective tires from our sale networks.