Kumho Tire


Kumho has made huge progress in the fifteen years it has been involved in motorsport and the company is now recognized as a major supplier of race and rally tires with performance levels to rival the established brands.

Kumho Tires’ Technical Center in Korea is responsible for developing and testing the company’s highly regarded Formula 3 tires which are manufactured on a special production line at its high tech factory at Gwangju in Korea. Kumho Motorsport, located at Bridgnorth (near Birmingham) in the UK, is responsible for the company’s motorsport activities in Europe. Besides its commitment to European Formula 3 racing, the specialist division also supports many circuit racing, rally and rallycross series.

Tire Care
Tires are best stored in a cool, dark and dry environment away from direct sunlight, high temperatures or high voltage machinery.

The life and performance of competition tires will be improved if they are ‘scrubbed in’ for a few miles before being run at racing speed.

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